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Meet me!

About Me

The guy behind ONIT Industries

Clint Chaney

Hi, I'm Clint

I am a die hard web developer, designer and bass fisherman. We don't care about that last part though so let me tell you more about my passion of the web.

I began developing websites when I was 17 years old. Seems like such a long time ago now that I'm 30. I was passionate about building sites that people could interact on. I bought some books and after a lot of years of experience and even more books I am an expert in my field.

I have worked in all different areas. E-commerce websites, social networking websites and small business websites. I like keeping it fresh and working on different projects when I have the chance.

How I can help you

In my 17 years I have learned and stayed up to date on all the latest web technologies. If you have a website that uses Wordpress, Woocommerce, PHP, MySQL, jQuery and/or Javascript I'll know my way around it like the back of my hand.

What I'm currently willing to work on

Right now I am not willing to take on any huge projects, like building the next Facebook... Even though I could. I can help you setup a basic website for your business, fix quirks in your current website or even do things as simple as installing Wordpress themes and plugins to adding a contact form to your website. You know, the little things that will make your life easier.

My services

Just an overview of technologies I will work with.


Everything from installing and creating a new Wordpress website for you (with a template) to creating plugins or just simply installing and configuring plugins. Have a bug? I can take care of that too.


The basics every developer should know. These are the two things that are the quickest and easiest for me to setup or fix for you. Don't waste your time learning. I can do it SUPER fast.

PHP, MySQL & jQuery

I create just about anything custom you need in these languages. These are my favorite. Flexible, powerful and fun. If it's bugs in your site. I can fix those too.

Responsive design

Every day more and more people are using mobile devices to access the web. Twitter Bootstrap is the latest and greatest framework to accommodate this. I'm an expert with it & media queries to make your site look good everywhere.

A few things I've done

There are lots, but these are my favorites.


A personal project of mine that uses Google maps API for users to post and share fishing hot spots Users can create advanced fishing reports and download logged way points to their boats GPS system. Built using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript HTML5, CSS3 and Twitter Bootstrap.


I am currently the CTO of XBracelets. I have created several advanced custom Wordpress and Woocommerce plugins for the website. I setup Wordpress, customized the theme and take care of day to day maintenance and additions to help in the expansion of the company.


Though the website is not currently live it was one of my most fun projects. I was tasked with creating a social website for dog owners. The most impressive part was the infinite image grid programmed from scratch that works much like Google maps. A basic version of the grid can be seen at XBracelets.

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